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Swimming With Sharks

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Release Date:19/09/2005
List Price:£15.99
Director:George Huang
Starring:Benicio Del Toro, Frank Whaley, Kevin Spacey, Michelle Forbes, T.E. Russell
Technical Details:PAL
Running Time:95 minutes
Main Language:English
Studio:Prism Leisure
Number Of Disks:1

A harsh, cutting, and wickedly funny look into the darker side of show business, Swimming with Sharks tells the story of a naive and eager assistant (Frank Whaley) and his slide into the cut-throat world of Hollywood power struggles. Whaley goes to work for a top movie executive (Kevin Spacey) who almost immediately begins to wear down his new assistant's exuberance with his whining, egomaniacal tantrums and relentless verbal abuse, even as he promises his young charge a chance to move up the ladder. Culminating in a violent and ultimately ironic confrontation between mentor and protégé, this brutal 1994 black comedy benefits from some razor-sharp writing and terrific comic turns from both Whaley (Hoffa) as one whose idealism is irrevocably shattered, and Spacey (Seven, L.A. Confidential), deliciously funny as a caustic, belligerent, and ultimately sad figure. A savage indictment of both the movie business and the price of ambition, Swimming with Sharks is one of the best black comedies in recent years. --Robert Lane

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225 points
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Condition: Used and slightly worn  
Notes: Fantastic film, Second Sight edition with Director's Commentary, Kevin Spacey Profile Featurette and Theatrical Trailer, posted in a padded jiffy envelope  

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