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Trading Guarantee

When you make a trade on SWAPR.co.uk you are automatically covered by our trading guarantee. This applies if you are sent an item that is not what you requested, is counterfeit or is not reasonably fit for purpose.

First try to sort out the problem with the sending member by emailing them the details of the problem. As people sending problematic items will be removed from the site people are usually very keen to sort out any problems.

If you can’t resolve the problem with the sending member then tell us within 14 days of receiving the item using the feedback form at www.swapr.co.uk/feedback.

Register As A Member

Click on the home page, or the Login/Register link in the Welcome box on every page. You will be asked to enter a user name, email address and password. We will not sell your email address – please see our Privacy Policy below.

List Your Items

When you have registered, you will be taken to the Offer A New Item For Swap page. You can also access this page by clicking on the Account tab, then choosing Offered, or you can click the Offer New Swaps link in the Welcome box.

The best way to offer an item for swap is to enter the barcode from the packaging of the product. This accurately identifies the item even if there are several variants (e.g. widescreen or special editions). Barcodes are 12 or 13 digits long. E.g. 1 234567 89012. You do not need to enter the spaces accurately (or at all). We have a database of several million barcodes, but if our system cannot locate your item by the barcode, you can use one of several other methods to enter your item.

For books, you can enter the 10 digit ISBN number e.g. 0-12-345678-9. You do not need to enter the dashes accurately (or at all).

If you purchased the item from Amazon, or have found the item on Amazon’s website, you can enter the 10 character ASIN, or Amazon product code.

Alternatively, you can browse round the site to locate the item. We suggest you switch off the Only Show Items That Are Available switch in the Item Availability box first, as this will display all items in our database whether or not they are currently being offered by other users. You can then click the on the item details page to offer the item.

All items offered should be in usable condition. For DVDs, CDs and Games, this means they should play perfectly. For books, this means that all pages should be present and not loose. Please choose the most appropriate condition description from those available, and optionally add a comment which will be seen by other users.

When you choose to offer an item, the site will suggest a value in Swap Points for you to ask for. This is based on the current second hand value which we determine from a number of sources. This is a suggested value only, and you can increase or decrease this value depending on the item’s condition, or to be competitive with other people offering the same item.

Wait For A Member To Request An Item From You

Other users will browse the site and may ask you to send them your item.

If you do not get any swap requests for a while, why not try offering additional items – it is free to do so and there is no limit to the number you can offer. Or you may like to review the Swap Points you are asking for your item – look at the other users who are offering the item and set the Swap Points you are asking for competitively.

To change the number of Swap Points you are requesting for your item, go to the Account tab and choose Offered from the menu. You will see a list of all the items you are currently offering. You can use the Modify link by each item to adjust the Swap Points or update the condition notes for the item.

Post Your Item To The Member and Earn Points

When another user requests an item, you will be sent an email asking you to post the item to their address. Please do so within three days. Package the item securely in a jiffy bag or similar, and affix appropriate postage. You can check the postage rate here. Most swap items are under 25mm thick and are classed as Large Letters. We suggest you take the item to a post office and obtain a certificate of posting. If the items is lost in the post, this will enable you to claim compensation from the Royal Mail.

Once you have posted the item, please return to the swap shop site and go to the Account tab. In the Your Current Actions section, you can mark that you have sent the item. The item’s status is changed so both you and the recipient can see that it is in transit, and the recipient is sent an email advising them to look out for the package.

Once the other member has confirmed that they have received the item you sent, your account will be credited with the number of Swap Points you requested for the item.

Spend Your Points On The Items You Want

Once you have received some Swap Points, you can use them to request items from other users.

We suggest you set the Only Show Items That Are Available option in the Item Availability box. This will ensure that you only see items which have been offered by other users and are available to be requested.

You can browse round the site using the categories in the Product Selector box in the left margin, or you can use the Quick or Advanced Search options to locate an item. The Advanced Search page allows you to search for items which you can afford by setting a maximum number of Swap Points to search for.

If the item you want costs more than the Swap Points you have, you can wait to send more items to build up a larger number of points to spend, or you can buy points by going to the Account tab. 100 Swap Points can be purchased per £1 each via PayPal.

Once you have found an item you would like, click on the items details page and you will be shown a list of members offering the item, the condition of each item, and the number of Swap Points they are requesting. You can then choose which of the offers to accept by clicking the appropriate button.

An email will be sent to the person whose offer you have accepted asking them to send the item to your address. Once they have done so, you will be sent an email to let you know, and you can look forward to delivery of the item.

At any time, you can communicate (anonymously if you wish) with the sender of the item, by clicking on their user name in your list of swaps. You can see a list of swaps that you are involved with by clicking the Account tab, then choosing Swapping from the menu.

Once the item has arrived, please promptly go to the swap shop site, select the Account tab, and mark the item as arrived in the Your Current Actions section. This will credit the sender of the item with the points they are due.

Enjoy your item and remember that you can swap it again for free after you have watched/read/played it!

Privacy Policy

We know that people are concerned about how their eMail address, postal address and other personal information will be used and so we have the following privacy policy to let users know how their information will be used.

The information we need

SWAPR.co.uk need to have your current eMail address in order to inform you when transactions have been requested or when changes are made that affect you. When a request for a swap is made we then need your postal address details in order to know where the swap is originating from or where the swap is going to.

You can adjust your email settings at any time by going to the Account tab and choosing My Details. You will always receive emails related to swaps you are involved in, but you can choose to opt-out of other emails from swap shop and emails from third parties.

We also use Cookies to remember certain preferences when you come back to our site. Cookies are small identifiers that your web browser stores on your hard drive. The ID in the cookie means you can set an option on our site to be remembered when you come back. You can choose to disable cookies in your web browser if you do not want this information stored, however, you may not be able to access all of our features. If you do use cookies, be sure to logout when you finish using a shared computer.

Privacy Policy

The information you provide when registering will not be sold, lent or otherwise disseminated beyond SWAPR.co.uk unless you choose to allow us to pass on your information to selected third parties, and we make every effort to secure any data we hold.

We do not send unsolicited mail and we give you the option to opt out of any promotional emails we send.

You can have your account removed from our system completely by contacting us by email at customerservices@swapr.co.uk.

Although our restricted use of personal data exempts us from registering under the Data Protection Act 1998, we adhere to the Data Protection Principles therein which in summary require that data shall be:

      1. Fairly and lawfully processed.
      2. Processed for limited purposes.
      3. Adequate, relevant and not excessive.
      4. Accurate.
      5. Not kept longer than necessary.
      6. Processed in accordance with the data subject’s rights.
      7. Secure.
      8. Not transferred to countries outside the EEA without adequate protection.


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