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How to list items for Swap

When you have registered as a SWAPR.co.uk user and logged on to your account, you can list your items for swap very easily.

Quickest of all is to search the SWAPR.co.uk site for the product you want to Swap. If it is already listed (and most DVDs, Books, CDs, Video Games and more are) then you can hit the button.

Just answer a few questions about the condition of your item and how many Swap Points you want to swap it for and you're done. Hit the confirm button and your item is listed for Swap on SWAPR.co.uk

Listing multiple items for swap

If you have a lot of items to list, you can go to your account screen and look for the option to "Offer An Item".

From this screen you can enter the items barcode, or, if it is a book you can enter its ISBN (International Standard Book Number) or, if you bought the item from Amazon, you can even enter Amazon's ASIN number.

If we know about the item, we'll show you the item's details and you can offer it as a swap in the same way as we explained above.

Listing new items that we don't know about.

If you have an item you want to swap and you can't find it on the SWAPR.co.uk site, you can add the item yourself, from scratch.

From the same "Offer An Item" screen as above, you have the option to "Add Your Own Items".

Clicking on the Add Item button lets you enter a title for your SWAPR.co.uk Listing along with an item descriptions and an image if you have one.


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