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Octopus [DVD]

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Release Date:06/11/2006
List Price:£3.99
Director:John Eyres
Starring:David Beecroft, Ricco Ross
Technical Details:PAL
Running Time:100 minutes
Main Language:English
Studio:Boulevard Entertaiment
Number Of Disks:1

While on a top secret mission to deliver a shadowy international terrorist to American authorities, the crew of a nuclear submarine, along with a young female octopus expert, faces a living nightmare when the ship passes through a Bermuda Triangle-like portal known as the Devil's Eye. It seems that over a dozen other ships and subs have mysteriously vanished in this vicinity. Might it have anything to do with the giant carnivorous cephalopod roaming the area?

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185 points
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Condition: Used but As New  
Notes: Clean case, mint condition disc with no scratches. Will be sent immediately within 24 hours (excluding weekends) and packed securely.  

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