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Matchstick Men [2003] [DVD]

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Release Date:23/02/2004
List Price:£13.99
Director:Ridley Scott
Starring:Alison Lohman, Bruce Altman, Bruce McGill, Nicolas Cage, Sam Rockwell
Technical Details:Dubbed PAL Widescreen
Running Time:111 minutes
Main Language:English
Dubbed in:French Italian
Subtitles:Arabic Dutch English French German Italian Spanish
Studio:Warner Home Video
Number Of Disks:1

Roy and Frank are con artists and between them they enjoy a successful business partnership. However, Roy's private life is not so hot and he is forced to seek help from a psychoanalyst who encourages him to seek out the fourteen-year-old daughter whose existence he has always suspected but never confirmed. On meeting Angela he begins a relationship he never dreamed of but Angela starts to develop an interest in her father's 'career'...

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131 points
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Condition: Used but As New  

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