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Final Destination 1 And 2

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Release Date:20/10/2003
List Price:£24.99
Director:David R. Ellis, James Wong
Starring:Ali Larter, Daniel Roebuck, Devon Sawa, Kerr Smith, Kristen Cloke
Technical Details:Box set PAL
Running Time:179 minutes
Main Language:English
Studio:Entertainment in Video
Number Of Disks:1

Let's be realistic. No one is ever going to make the case that either of the Final Destination films should be laden with awards and awash with critical acclaim. Yet in their own ways, both punch above their weight. This welcome double pack, released to coincide with the theatrical release of Final Destination 3, offers ample evidence why.

The first is the better of the two, and it sets the premise up well. After a dramatic near-death experience, correctly foreseen by one of their number, a group of young friends soon find that not all is as it seems. Death, it seems, is coming back for them one at a time, and that's an excuse for some intricate set pieces as the group find themselves in immense danger, as they try to puzzle out how to alter death's plans. The second works surprisingly well too. Okay, it does little more than photocopy a winning formula, but its set pieces are that bit more over-the-top to compensate, and while it barely has an original moment in its running time, it is a genuine hoot.

Both films have a handy selection of shock moments, and both motor through at enough speed to paper over any cracks. And the end result in both cases is an enjoyable, sprightly ride, best enjoyed with the brain switched to neutral.--Simon Brew

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450 points
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Condition: Used but As New  
Notes: Sleeve intact. Clean case, mint condition disc with no scratches. Will be sent immediately within 24 hours (excluding weekends) and packed securely. Sent as a small parcel due to size, but will still fit standard letter boxes.  

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