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Release Date:17/01/2000
List Price:£12.99
Director:Vincenzo Natali
Starring:Andrew Miller, David Hewlett, Julian Richings, Nicky Guadagni, Nicole De Boer
Technical Details:Anamorphic PAL Widescreen
Running Time:87 minutes
Main Language:English
Studio:First Independent Video
Number Of Disks:1

If Clive Barker had written an episode of The Twilight Zone, it might have looked something like Cube. A handful of strangers wake up inside a bizarre maze, having been spirited there during the night. They quickly learn that they have to navigate their way through a series of chambers if they have any hope of escape but the problem is that there are lethal traps awaiting if they choose their route unwisely. Having established some imaginative and grisly punishments in store for the hostages, cowriter and director Vincenzo Natali turns his attention to the characters, for whom being trapped amplifies their best and worst qualities. The film is, in fact, similar to a famous episode of Rod Serling's old television series, though Natali's explanation for why these poor people are being put through hell is a lot closer to the spirit of The X-Files. Cube has some solid moments of suspense and drama and the sets are appropriately striking: one is tempted to believe at first the characters are lost inside a computer chip. --Tom Keogh

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