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SWAPR.co.uk has been created to help people recycle the things they have sitting on shelves at home for the things they want today. DVDs, Books, Games, and CDs can stay in our homes for years in excellent condition but rarely, if ever used. SWAPR.co.uk awards you points for sending these items to people who want them and you use the points you receive to request items that you want.

We are trying to make it easy to turn a couple of your old DVDs that you haven’t watched for years into a DVD that you are waiting to see, a book that you want to read or something else that you will use today. And if the new item you get is just going to go back on the shelf when you are finished with it, then put it back on SWAPR.co.uk and turn it into points that you can use to get the next item you want.

For more detailed information about how to use SWAPR.co.uk, you can see our help pages.

SWAPR.co.uk is a UK based company owned and operated by Online Commerce Ltd. If you want more information about us you can contact us at the addresses below.

Contact Address:
 Unit 44 Rissington Business Park
 Upper Rissington
 Nr Cheltenham
 GL54 2QB

eMail: customerservices@swapr.co.uk


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Recent Additions
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Ricky Martin
by Ricky Martin
From 150 points
by Jamie Foxx
From 140 points
by Oxide & Neutrino
From 140 points
From 200 points
Let There Be Love - 20 Tracks - Original Artists
From 126 points
Unleash The Dragon
by Sisqo
From 140 points
Simpsons, The - On Your Marks, Get Set, D'Oh
From 200 points
The Collection
by Michael Ball
From 140 points
From 250 points
The Essential Frank Ifield Collection
by Frank Ifield
From 200 points
Recent Additions

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